Apply for a Stall

IMPORTANT: Before you apply:

You must read our Stallholder Information  and our Market Regulations


How do I apply?

Simply fill out our online Application Form by clicking on the link below. Please have images ready of the product/s you intend to sell. Note our software system does not accept high resolution images so please make sure they are saved as small files otherwise there may be a problem with your application being processed.


Making your Application?

We expect stall applications to be presented in the same manner as if you were applying to a prospective agent, wholesaler or retailer.

Our application process is competitive.

Send us photos of your product, your stall set up somewhere else, a website link, Facebook page, Instagram handle and anything else you can think of that will help communicate your stall’s set-up, brand ethos and the products you will be selling.



What happens when I apply?

When you complete the Application Form, there will be a message displayed on our website that states your application has been successfully sent. We have a lot of applications to process so please be patient while we go through them all and get back to you.


Online Application Form

Can't open the files? You may not have PDF reader. Download it for free here: